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FF says 52.9.0* is unsupported, but they did drop an update on the 11th week to fix the addons problem. Try the HELP pulldown menu and then go to About Firefox. It may be there. It loaded for me, although I'm still using the 2017 version of AdBlock (2.66.0) which ran fine without the FF update, because everything is working fine and I don't want to risk messing it up.

*I'm running FF 52.9.0, not version 59.2.0 That was a brain fade that slipped in when I first posted.

As far as I could see, later versions of AdBlock have a lot of new features and language support that are of no importance to us dinosaurs. (Finnish? I've never met a Finn who didn't speak flawless English, and Russian, and German, and Swedish, usually.) Chrome O/S? I don't think so! Android? Stop, you're making me laugh too hard.

Query: Are you also running NoScript? If NoScript is turned on, many site will only load text until you whitelist the specific site.