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Thanks for the great insights! For clarification, she is a 12yo that is the size of most 18 year old females.

Originally Posted by Sinthor View Post
I saw you said she's done grappling as well so I assume she trains in a school or schools that do actual one on one sparring/training rather than just kata? Put her in a more advanced class or have her work out with some males who you can trust. Confidence is great, but if it expands to cockiness it can be dangerous. I liked a lot of the other suggestions here as well. Maybe talk to her instructor if there's not another good option. When I was training, especially children or teens sometimes I had to take a hand and help educate the students when they got a little too above themselves.
Thanks. Yes, the school is Kung Fu as the discipline/art but 5 nights of the week she is in grappling, sparring, weapon sparring, and weapons training so there is lots of mixed sparring and it is mixed gender so she gets a bit of hands on experience with different opponents.

My main concern is that she thinks she can fight adults or put herself in situations where she should run instead of fight.

For example. Answering the door without checking who is there is a big no-no in our house. I have caught her doing it a few times and her answer is "Well I will just choke them out" etc..

Not the end of the World but a somewhat dangerous mindset to have at such a young age.
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