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Originally Posted by ajole View Post
Not useless, just limited. The bad guy chooses the place and time, as well as the weapons. If they choose wrong, she has a chance.

But there are SO many ways they can choose that negate hand to hand abilities.
You didn't read my comment right. I said it is useless IF YOU LEARN IT AS A SPORT. There is a big difference in learning something like Taek Won Do for sports, where you fight to score points, and learning basically how to hurt someone that attacks you. I learned from someone in law enforcement that did this on the side. We did things like spar in street clothes in the parking lot no pads, no head gear. The women and girls had to fight the big guys and put them on the ground, because that is what they might come up against in real life. And the guys were NOT allowed to "take it easy" on the girls, if they did, they got their butts kicked by sensei
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