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Originally Posted by McGuire View Post
a good fighter should be able to tell the difference between having to kill disable and just send a point, for example, the V of the collarbone is where the trachea is easiest to access and considering that most street fights end up on the ground and if you are trained at all in grappling than you should be able to get on top and gain the advantage if it was a life or death the pressure point I explained above would crush a person's trachea so in short pressure points are effective in a real fight
You got it! Another thing is that a weapon, even a kubaton or tactical pen, is better than no weapon. The video that dontbuypotteryfromme is a variant of the 'guns don't make a difference' argument. Sure, a scenario could develop where it doesn't matter.

Thing is, survivalists do no prep for when their preps DON'T matter.

Originally Posted by dontbuypotteryfromme View Post
And pressure points basically wind you up in a situation where you are fighting for the weapon that you cleverly tried to poke the guy with.
See above.

I recall watching an episode of Blue Bloods where Tom Selleck, as PC (Police Commisioner) was told he has an army of 35,000 to help him with his son's problem. Selleck replied, "And I cannot use any of them." We do not have a police force for when they do not matter.

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