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Originally Posted by zuren View Post
I'm looking into more secure/private browsers and search engines, and DuckDuckGo keeps popping up. I'm curious if anyone has anything good or bad to say about it?

For mobile, it looks like it is a stand alone browser. For desktop, it appears to be a search engine (or search extension) for an existing browser, like Chrome or Firefox.

IMO as a rule of thumb, your security / privacy is dictated by 3 things ;
  1. Technical know-how regarding what you were doing
  2. Best practice
  3. Common sense

Rarely the use of any specialized tool would help if the person doesn't have the knowledge regarding their operational limit or other fundamental technical knowledge.

Personally I only use Duck Duck Go search sparingly, and for general day to day use I'm using Google Chrome for the sole purpose of convenience (Google service integration).

However for more specialized task I do have separate laptop running Linux along with customized Firefox browser.

The look of my general use browser (nothing fancy there):

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