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Originally Posted by Asag View Post
Take my word for it I have used IP logs in counter fraud work. One application presented a multi layered links graph where you can select an IP and all other associated IPís, email addresses, phone numbers and even home addresses would appear in a linked network graph.
That doesn't seem the same as targeted advertising, the subject of this thread. You could have an IP associated to a phone number, email address, or home address but that would only be accurate if it was a fixed IP address used by a single individual.

Example, say me and my wife have 3 kids. We are all browsing from the same IP address at home not to mention friends/family that come to the house. How could an advertiser use that IP address for a targeted ad? They wouldn't have any idea who is generating the traffic at that address. And if one of us use the internet when we are not at home we would have a different IP address.

For targeted advertising to be effective, the advertiser has to be able to identify a individual regardless of what IP address they are using with a high degree of accuracy.

Sure, you can have data that associates an IP address with a phone number, email or physical address. But it would be worthless if an ISP generates a new IP address for a particular customer and that customer's old ISP addressed is assigned to someone else.

Maybe I am just not getting itÖit wouldn't be the first time. But I don't see how an IP could be used for targeted advertising.