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Originally Posted by dontbuypotteryfromme View Post
By the way. I bet you can't take mace in to an American court room either. Which really should be the kind of details a court room reported should be expected to know.


In the United States, the courts are a separate and co-equal branch of government. As such the presiding judge determines the rules of his court. This is a dictatorship of sorts, their court, their rules.

Typically judges are personally armed, as are their courtroom bailiffs.

The great majority of courts in the United States are protected by metal/bomb detectors and armed security/sheriff deputies, marshalls, etc.

Although on duty law enforcement officers are permitted to carry guns inside the courts, officers having personal business before the court, like a divorce/civil case must check and secure their weapons in the lockers provided.

Like at an airport or when visiting a jail or prison, the state requires that only their agents are armed. Most people consider this to be reasonable.

On your own

Out in the real world, you are responsible for your own safety and security. This is true everywhere, even in places that legally prohibit self-defense or ban the tools to effectively defend yourself. Police are not required to protect you as an individual and can not be held criminally or civilly liable if you come to harm.

The natural right to arms and self defense against animals and other humans has been with us since caveman times. It is only with the advent of "civilized" government that we see institutions limiting or banning weapons and sanctioning those who desire to have the means and ability to effectively defend themselves. The primary driver for this behavior is to reserve the possession of arms and their use to those in power and to prevent the loss of their power at the hands of the common people.

Less Free

It is a sad commentary that primitive humans, wearing bear skins and being armed with flint/obsidian weapons, enjoyed greater liberties than the average Australian does today.

You are either a citizen or a slave, pity should be reserved for those who truly believe they are free, but are in fact little more than subjects or slaves.

The most sacred human right is the right to life and without the means or the right to preserve and protect life, you are a slave.
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