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Originally Posted by NY Min View Post
I worked with a nurse who at one time worked on the upper East Side and lived on the upper West Side. The only subway route between involves taking 3 trains and going downtown, crosstown, and then back uptown. Time-consumping PITA, especially late at night. Crosstown buses up there pretty much disappear after 1 to 2 a.m. When she got stuck having to come home in the wee-smalls, her rather unique solution was to find a Central Park area police patrol car, bang on the window, and offer the cops in it a choice between possibly finding her body later and having to stay past shift filling out all that damn paperwork, or just giving her a lift across the Park.

She always got a lift. She also ended up dating several cops.
One of my favorite only-in-NYC stories.
This only works if you're an attractive, young, single female.
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