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Depends. Are you visiting or just passing through? If you're visiting they'll probably confiscate and won't worry about charging you. --They have bigger problems to worry about to take a cop off the streets for a couple hours for arrest and booking.

If you're just passing through, probably nothing, but the cop might confiscate.

That being said, if you're being a enough of a douche to attract a cop's attention in NYC, you might get arrested. --You gotta work HARD to get stopped by the cops in NYC.

A couple of ancedotal examples.

I was driving around the financial district in Manhattan, and there is a wierd intersection towards the end of Wall St. I goofed and turned up a one way St, with a cop sitting at the opposite corner, and all he did was honk his horn at me.

In the early 80's a freind went to see some bands play someplace in Alphabet City, and after the show, (@2AM) was riding the subway with freinds back to their place. There was a subway cop sitting a few seats down from them, when one of them pulled out a bag of pot, pulled some out and proceeded to roll a joint while the cop watched. When he went to light it up, the cop warned him not to push his luck.
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