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Originally Posted by Hilltopper View Post
Yesterday I was talking to someone whom has "farm status" and pays lower property tax but thinks she is opting out of the new mandatory registration of private wells used for farm purposes, these will be taxed here in our part of Canada. I think she is delusional now she has projected herself as a farm benefiting from that status and having a farm stand, accepting government money to employ student helpers and using woofers . Her well is now open to scrutiny and taxation , not a big step further to taxing her property for not producing to capacity for the public or government benefit or being assigned under other management if food production became critical . Our country imports 10.5 billion dollars in fruit and vegetables a year now and is welcoming more refugees , setting up social nets for all those downtrodden . If something goes off the deep end like Venezuela, accepting government funds may be akin to them taking over management of her property .
Exact-a-mundo. I think CA. wants rural folks to register their wells. All for the good of course.

Originally Posted by sonya1 View Post
We could survive on our farm if the grid went down, but we would not be able to defend it against a hostile government. Nothing we can do about that. But, I think if it came to that I would burn it all to the ground and kill as many of them as I could before they kill us. Scary thoughts, but realistic.

Venezuela can't be that bad yet, there are no massive deaths due to starvation, crime, lack of medical care or the blackout. At least you don't hear about it. I do wonder what its really like there. People on here have this idea that if the grid went down millions of people would just die. This isn't what's happening in Venezuela. Humans are sort of like cockroaches. It takes a lot to decimate the population.
You make several good points. People are getting by, but that's about it.
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