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Originally Posted by GrizzlyetteAdams View Post
Does anyone know to what extent that books can be used as an expedient fallout shield?
You will likely have to engage in some rational thought. While I am sure there are plenty of guides and one of them will say 'X amount of books', but what books? Really it is about three things: 1) putting 'mass' between you and the bad stuff, 2) putting space between you and the bad stuff, and 3) putting time between you and the bad stuff.

In your case you are asking about mass. The standard that gets tossed around that is a decent starting point is three feat of dirt as a barrier. This is considered to stop about 1/1000 of your exposure. So, in your case, when asking about what extent books do the job just ask the question 'how many books, in mass/weight, do I need as a barrier to equal three feat of dirt'. Make sense?

Of course, if that standard is good for you will depend entirely on your location and exposure. If there is almost no exposure, then that three feat of dirt is way over kill. If you were, however, say in Seattle then it likely would be far less than you would need.

Probably the real answer to any such question is 'more', if we are being honest. Rather than saying 'I got this, I am safe'. You might be better off just adding what you can until you can't add any more.

Honestly though, it all will come down to the scenario and your location. Which is really where all of these discussions should begin.