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[QUOTE=roro;995526]That guy was almost as loaded up as Neo from the Matrix! lol


You can get these free from bars and places like Applebee's. I don't drink, but I have a ton of these, because my friend is a bar tender at Applebee's.

Also, plastic bags tear/rip and become holy a lot easier than a crown royal bag. Plus the Crown bags have drawstrings, which can easily be attached to your belt, held by wrapping around your wrist or whatever.


Pen-gun. My grandfather was a machine shop worker and made a gun that is the same size as and looks just like a pen. You can wear it in a pocket protector, just like a normal pen, but when you push the button, instead of the ink coming out, it fires 1 shot. Could be useful if someone is attacking you & you didn't have access to anything else (ie, if they took away your backpack or you couldn't get to it)... Can be hidden very easily. Only down side is that it's only got 1 bullet & you would need to put gun powder and another bullet in it to reuse it. Also quite dangerous..... But pretty darn cool! As far as I know, it's the only one in existence. XD

They're quite illegal to own and/or carry as well. Some are actually made from pen flare launchers where you take a bold and drill it out on a drill press to .22 cal. Make sure the threads match that of the flare launcher..

A lot of archery hunters carry them in places like Florida where snakes are a problem. Load a .22 rat shot in it and pop the snake with it. If you hear someone coming, point the barrel at the ground and step on the other end to push it into the ground.

I've actually got several of them and even have one that uses aluminum shells that the flares fire out of. I've pondered reloading them with some light bird shot loads and capping them with a little hot wax to keep them together. They take a pistol primer in the base.

I carry mine in the flare mode so there's no suspicions that I'm carrying a .22 cal "zip gun".. The zip barrel and rounds of .22 are farther down in my pack..

For the flares I plan to reload, I'll probably use some ff black powder for the charge.