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Originally Posted by John Galt 1 View Post
Having several outbuildings can be a mixed blessing. Lots of storage but the buildings all require occasional maintance.
Fencing, water for any livestock, protecting chickens from coyotes ect. It can be a lot of work maintaining a large place. But worth it to me, good exercise.

I basically gave up on comprehensive fire ant eradication. Instead I keep a bucket of the brown granules and toss a bit on individual mounds close to the buildings occasionally.
Broadcast spreading over several acres every 6 weeks gets expensive fast.

As far as crime goes the druggies rarely bother with the more rural places. But kids will so putting out a few cameras will help scare them away. A local sheriff thinks it's because every home around here has a gun, and often a spare 22 in the outbuildings. This is because living out here a person needs to deal with everything from skunks to coyotes occasionally.

A thought about the fear of cameras. About 2 miles down my gravel road is a wide area the Yahoos loved to tear up doing doughnuts. This went on for several years and sometimes was a real problem. Last year a neighbor and I slowly started a rumor that the county DOT had gotten tired of fixing the road and had put some cameras down there. Mostly by talking at the local diner. Took a few months before it stopped the Yahoos from fishtailing and sliding down the gravel road.
I understand about the fire ant issues. Seems like the people that own the property currently have someone come in and do the broadcasting treatment. I didn't notice a lot of the signs of nests on the property though. Maybe the treatment works. Lots of fire ants at the AFB though. I couldn't help myself the other and kicked a mound over. They do swarm! My wife said I was an ******* as she ran away.

Yahoos come in all shapes and sizes and can be an issue no matter where you live. Sometimes you just have to educate them a bit.