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Originally Posted by The Old Coach View Post
Korean War era - Chuck Yeager was detailed to evaluate combat capability of a Mig-15 delivered by a refugee pilot. Flying an F-86 vs. the MIG it was no contest. Put Yeager in the MIG's seat......again, no contest. If that's changed, why does the AF still teach combat maneuvering?

AFAIK the F-35B cannot do a VTO with a combat load. It is at best an STO fighter, but capable of vertical landing after fuel and munition weight is expended. Hence the acronym STOVL. So the lily-pad scenario doesn't work.
Yaeger was blessed with exceptional eyesight. In his autobiography he mentioned eye testing at 20/10 or better.

In WW2, he often would spot enemy formations at twice the range of the Germans. Which means a lot since aircraft radar was primitive at that time.
First to detect, first to manuver, first to fire, first kill.

Radar got better and visual acueity is less important today. Modern search radars allow detection at hundreds of miles. Unless you are flying a stealth aircraft. The average pilot flying a stealth aircraft enjoys the same sensor advantage old Chuck had. First to detect, first to manuver, first to fire, first kill.

The F35 may not manuver like the F15, but stealth planes will always have the sensor advantage over non stealth planes.
Its like every plane you send is flown by Chuck Yaeger.