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I can't help but think that God wants a family relationship with His children. I have nothing against formal prayer done for the purpose of elevating God to His just position as the Creator of the universe but I also feel that he's looking for honest conversation from the heart.
So agree. I can't imagine my response if my children came to me in some pre-written speech and expecting me to react positively to a rehearsed dissertation. I would be insulted and made to feel distant. I like it when my son and daughters comes in and throw their arms around me and just want to talk.

I don't suggest that anyone else do as I do but I will actually have conversations with God where I will voice my discontent with certain aspects of my life. I've gotten mad at God in the past but then apologized. I don't know if He's writing my bad behavior down in my "book" but I wouldn't blame Him if He did. Part of my sin nature, I suppose.
Wish I could count how many of those "angry" prayers I have had. Broken hearted, disappointment and try to take it out on him. For some reason God answers those very quickly to me. I remember Job and God's voice "Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth if you know so much???

Did you mark off the dimensions and stretched a measuring line across it?? He seems to remind me that those problems or situations weren't caused by Him but more often by me and my own rebellion.

AJ, I believe your adventure with God is far from peeking. Your best is yet to come. I have always believed God will use you in amazing ways you haven't even thought of yet. I hope you never allow discouragement to rule in your world. I sometimes feel it's a battle with you. Satan loves to tell us we are too old, too used up, too far gone, too late to change and move forward. Don't believe that liar. I pray that your 60's and 70's will be the best years of your life. He often saves the best for last. Sorry for get personal, I just felt a need to day that.

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