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There's a lot going on in this thread. Good stuff.

I have 3 working machines. A win 8.1 laptop, a win 7 desktop and a win xp2005 desktop. I keep the xp box around because it has a HDTV tuner in it that I use to record OTA programs. The laptop is what I do most of my surfing on, and the win 7 one is the fast one that I use to rip my bluray discs.

I ran Linux Mint on my old laptop until it crapped out, but the new one has a graphics driver conflict so no Linux. I ditched the 8.1 interface and use a thing called Classic Shell to get the old look and feel I use Brave and Startpage.

Brave is built on the open source Chromium browser, not Chrome or Firefox. Brave is very fast compared to Firefox.


Warp, now there's a word I haven't heard in decades. I had Warp installed on a 386 box back in the day. So much disk thrashing I thought it was going to vibrate off the desk. I got the copy for free at COMDEX.