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I asked a very serious question, and you refer back to Jetgraphic's meandering comedic statement as somehow valid and serious.

I am beginning to believe that you in fact are bi-polar. (And I am not the originator of the diagnosis). I have no animosity towards you. Never have, never will. May your journey end where you wish it to.


Originally Posted by PeterEnergy View Post
Yet, you asked a non-serious question?!

All parables are true about what they are talking about AND what they symbolize, e.g. vine, branches, roots, etc. Don't try to change the subject of what Jet and I were talking about, which was money.

If you want to show your pedantic "deeper" understanding have at it. (But leave me out of your rhetorical questions as a segue, along with your condescending "hopes" for me. Thanks! To put it a different way, after insulting me over and OVER and OVER again in the last few posts, don't act like my friend all of a sudden in a post - while insulting me AGAIN via kiddie sandbox comment - and expect me to take you seriously. Thanks again.)

It is as though you people have PhD in alienation.