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Review step one:

First stage of my "field test" of the knife today.

The saw blade is small, so anything more than about three inches in diameter is a waste of time. Other than that, I tried it on 1.5 inch green wood and dry and it performed well. Due to its size, I had to keep changing my angle of attack in order to keep getting a good stroke, but other than that worked better than I though. Still looked really good and felt like the teeth were still sharp after.

Main blade worked really well. I do NOT baton with a folder, but I did my usual test:

1) Slices paracord and nylon rope no problem.

2) Made a tent stake. About 10" long and 0.75" diameter finished. Took off the bark, shaped the wood, put a point on it, cut a tie off notch, etc. Crude shaping just so that it would work.

3) Did some "fine whittling" on the same stake. After making the stake, I used the same blade (to test its retaining a sharp edge) to smooth out the point into a cone shape, smooth the stake sides etc, using fine shaving and using different areas of the blade to test the edge.

4) Cut cords again.

It passed no problem. It got dark, so I am not going to test further until tomorrow.

After some further testing (making a basic walking stick and fashioning a few more stakes or such) I will try to put a new edge on it.

And, again, if anyone knows anything about this company or its products, input would be appreciated.
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