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One of my roomies works for a agricultural supply place here on the Island and her boss is pretty much a woodsman/back to the land advocate. He is constantly bringing in new items, especially stuff he can sell inexpensive, to expand their stock.

He recently brought in a product called "Olympia Edge" Knives. They are apparently made for "Circle Sales and Import" in Montreal Quebec but manufactured in China. Their website is:

My roomie bought one ($20 bucks); folding three blade with knife, small saw, skinner blade with gut hook. We are playing with it to judge quality and value.

It is not bad, for a $20 knife; admittedly, better than I would have expected. Don't know how well it will stand up to any use though...

We are just starting to play with it and I have found next to nothing about it on the Net.

Just wondering if anyone here has any experience with them or the company.

Thanks in advance.
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