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ive carried atleast My Goretex liner with me everywhere. I used that due to having to sleep on tops of humvees during the iraq winter with tanks kicking up dust. It worked pretty decent at keeping dust out and keeping us warm during an Iraqi winter while sleeping on an uparmoured humvee. When I got home I baught a used one in great condition I have used in up in the mountains, in the woods, deer camp, hiking and much more. From Arizona summers, to Lake Superior winters. I love this sleep system. It works great. Its not perfect at any one thing but it will do everything great. The only complaint I have is that the compression bag has failed some Joes. They are kind of weak but they can be replaced or upgraded easy enough. I got that and the current issue ruck. It fits great in the lower compartment. That comes in handy for,, say your going to hike to the cabin the day after a brothers stag party, and you were drinkin Whiskey till you could barely stand and had to make this trip with a friend so you coudnt cancel,,,, and say you normally carry around a 65 - 75 ruck,,,,, and say this march is around 38 miles,,,, well when your completely exhausted at around 25 or so and have absolutely no energy left you can crab it quick lay it out and crawl in quickly. Its the small things that make a big difference from roughing it to comfort.

Also Im a pretty big guy. i use to powerlift so Im about 5'11 220. I still do some mass building to keep my size up. I havent ever felt like a mummy in it but with all three together it does approach the snug range. Id say buy it. If your a combat vet it could be for nostalgia. Or because its a great modular system for the money.
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