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Default Saiga 12 Killer? Introducing the Akdal MKA 1919

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Wanted to show you guys this new toy. My brother is a Saiga 12 dealer and was chosen to be one of the distributors for the 12 gauge MKA 1919 that are going to begin importation into the United States. They will be selling for around $800. Thats a lot cheaper than a converted S12. They come with 5 round magazines (due to importation laws) but will have hi-cap mags produced soon. They begin major importation into the U.S. beginning in July (estimated date from my brother). There are only going to be 3 official distributors in the U.S. so they will be difficult to get at first. If anyone has any experience with one feel free to chime in. I have yet to fire it but I will whenever I get the chance. He only has this demo in stock so far. I will post my opinions once I actually get to shoot it.

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