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Originally Posted by leadcounsel View Post
A High Point? Really? In 2019? Not. A. Chance. It's the ugliest gun I've ever seen in the modern era. It's like they purposefully made the hardest gun to disassemble and the ugliest gun imaginable.

I bought a near new Glock last week for $325. I've seen Glocks, Kahrs, Sigs, HKs, FNs, SWs, Rugers, and other top tier guns in the $300-400 range.

Also, folks get fixated on gun prices. In reality, they are trivial. The cost of ammo and training is far more than the cost of the gun, over decades. Buy quality, not ugly junk.

Why in the world would ANYONE buy a HP? What are you "saving?" Really?
You assume the average gun owner will ever put even a full case of ammo through a gun, during their lifetime. And that that same gun owner would ever invest in training. They had their uncle/father/cousin/friend who was a cop/Soldier/Marine show them everything they will ever need to know, and "grew up around guns."
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