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Default Two things

Like kev said get some canteen covers and for the meanwhile seperate those canteens they will rattle to gether and make nosie. By transporting that way they will also (eventully) break the cap retainers.

I don't know if you do but one might want to concider getting a 5 gallon "jerry can" and holding braket for if those cans a sliding around lose in the back of that truck and the state troopers or police see them unsecured that 'll be a ticket. Not to mention it's like rolling around with a molitov cocktail in the back, especially in case of an accident. And a frendly reminder to everyone, never fill your gas containers in the bed of you pick up in case of a static discharge of the bed, will result in a fire.

Another thing is if you want to keep the gas fresh longer with out rotation get Sta-bil fuel stabilizer by eagle, one can keep it up to 2 years without rotation.

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