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Originally Posted by FarmerChad View Post
Sorta like a home-spun "Seed Saver Exchange"?

Seems to me thats how they got their start. Or maybe it was another lesser known group. Nonetheless, great idea and kudos to you for putting forth the effort to get that done. Its a great concept, and as you indicated, getting seed from other volunteers can really help diversify the genetics. Its one thing to save, lets say a single cucumber for seed. But if you want good diversity, you need to save several cucumbers from several plants, and mix up the seeds.

Im really curious how you got the word out?
Thank you very much!

Yes - like a local/regional version of SSE. We have been working with the administrator of the county library system, and suggested that they look at our branch as a model for recruiting volunteers at other branches within the county. We'll see how it goes and what they decide to do.

A local facebook community group was a big help in getting the word out. Word of mouth from interested people, and flyers at the library and the businesses along our main street did the rest.
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