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As I plant each tomato plant, I place a couple of tsp (or a BIG pinch) of Epsom salts in the hole before I set the plant. I then bury the plant as deep as possible, water it really well. The calcium thing works for blossom end rot, you can pick up some at Lowe's, Home Depot, or even Walmart, etc. Spray the plants with it as the tomatoes start to develop. I also use diatomaceous earth around the plants, and especially the peppers, to deter slugs. It is cheap, you don't have to use food grade, though it is cheap. It is great for other things too, like de-worming pets, even people. I bought 50 lbs of it over the internet, it goes a long way. Hope this helps. I have heard of the use of old wallboard, not sure if it works. BTW, the tomatoes LOVE lots of water, will grow large luxurious and bear well if you keep them watered.