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Originally Posted by Roy Texas View Post
The Springfield story surprises me given that most reputable gun manufacturers know that shooters are a close group who chat a lot and manufacturers cannot deal with bad PR.

I've had two issues with guns that I've had. One was, what I'm guessing, a burr on the feed ramp on my AR-10 from RRA. It was gouging the bullet itself when loading. Sent it in, they sent me a new gun no questions asked. The second, was issues with my Ruger SR556. I was shooting reloads and it didn't like them (although two other AR's at the range were eating the stuff up with no problem. Sent that gun in and they more or less said, "don't use reloads" but sent me another set of the Troy battle sights and another soft care. Both cases were outstanding customer service.

I'd really push back on Springfield. Let them know you intend to share your story on a couple of popular firearm forums if they don't address this at their cost and see what they say. Otherwise, I wouldn't give them a penny more business. Factory ammo is manufactured to very specific tolerances and I find it damn near impossible the load was over-pressurized. That's a huge potential liability to ammo makers so they are very careful about making sure their product is spot on.

Just hearing your story now will keep me away from them as I was considering a hellcat as a CCW.
I let Springfield know how unhappy I was with their decision. Their response was non at all. I have them a full week to respond. Now I will let every person I know, every gun show I go to, every forum I visit, every range I go to that Springfield dropped the ball with their customer service. They are nothing like what I got out of Rugerís customer service.