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Well, I know I’m going to make a change in the future for one of my travel guns. I was only supposed to be up here in VA until February, but now it looks my move back to GA is going to be the end of April and possibly pushed further due to impacts on the DoD from the Coronavirus. Anyways, I only brought two smaller CCW handguns, and both in 9mm. I also have an AR pistol and small J-Frame. I have enough ammo even though I’m just renting a room.

I was kicking myself for not at least bringing a larger handgun, at least my Glock 19. However, I may do some additions on my Glock 23 and add an extra .357 Sig barrel and pick up a .22LR conversion kit. That would at least give me .22LR, 9mm, .40S&W, and Sig .357. While not always ideal, I could likely find one of those other non-9mm calibers in a time like this.

Having other options is always good in a situation like this and it's paid off for in the past as well when 9mm and .45 were scarce and plenty of .40S&W and .357 Sig on the shelves.

The only impact right now is no training, but work conditions have kind of limited that right now anyways…pretty sad when I have no worries about ammo and more about TP!