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Originally Posted by leadcounsel View Post
This is HORRIBLE advice.

First, it ignores reality.

Secondly, it suggests illegal possible FELONY level extortion. It's going to be hard to manage your property if you're in jail for a felony, and hiring a lawyer to defend you.

Third, a home owner stands to lose a LOT MORE in value than a car window. You break their car window, a $200 value, you might find $30,000 in damages to your rental house...

Bad renters really have a home owner by the sack. They hold essentially all the cards. All the homeowner can do is threaten eviction which will damage their credit. And some people just don't care, particularly if they have unexpected bad life events.
My personal experience has shown me otherwise. Thankfully, I learned from those that did make similar mistakes. Those lessons, along with the vetting I mentioned in my first post are what it hasn't come to that. The market I am in is also vast, so that helps when you're going to be choosy....

On the other hand. You fight fire with fire. "Real recognize real" as they say in the hood.