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Not at all.

As I have shared I have a degree in Emergency Management which includes training in risk assessment. (Which is an amalgamation of probability and severity.)

I've occasionally 'helped out' prepper types (and vice versa) with their significant others by rendering the question into an equation using historical modeling.
(Example, I don't go by 'feelings' as the previous poster.)

Now: I DO Have "larger scale' plans, but those mostly fall into other categories such as woodland management and historical hobbies.
Example: I'm currently processing acorns to make acorn flour, just like the chestnuts I did recently.... Because I'm interested in how and how it tastes. Yes it'll be useful if/when, but I want to learn as a stand alone.

And planting more white oak trees is a good thing for my land.

Much better when everything goes together vs "because fear"
Lifestyle, journey not destination et c.
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