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[QUOTE=PeterEnergy;19703068]Although I am unaware of any violent comments directed on SB toward the gay community, derogatory comments are deserved against certain groups - for the choices they make. See all the positive comments directed at White Supremacists.

Morality has always been the domain of condemning people for their choices. (By contrast, it is NOT moral to condemn people for things that are not their choices, such as being Black or being a woman.) The hypersensitivity of the Left now equates moral condemnation (so-called "derogatory comments") with violence. This is an attempt to flip who is the victimizer and who is the victim.

kev has embraced the PC protection of minority groups - like Blacks and women - in extending it to immoral choice makers, even criminals.

Discernment is needed, ultimately between right and wrong, good and bad. Prohibiting derogatory comments against bad IS BAD.

How dare a sovereign people use violence to stop their country from being violated - stop invasion of their sovereign territory?

Criminals have always been subject to violent response, especially invaders; be it on ones body, in ones home or ones sovereign border. Just because the people who make these immoral choices do not have something in common with other groups of invaders (such as affiliated with a military) does not mean they are not deserving derogatory comments for their immoral, criminal choices.

Honestly, the Left has no argument so they resort to being hyper offended - to anyone opposing not being a victim of even criminal behavior - or a sovereign people defending their sovereign territory from invaders - when it benefits the Left's agenda. They suppose proof of how wrong you are is how offended they are!

Stopping invasion is why military exists, to directly use violence to stop invaders.
These invaders are no kind of immigrants, who assimilate into a country. They continue to fly their nations flag, speak their language, even demand we speak their language in our schools and institutions, and many continue their lives of crime:
Thousands Killed By Invaders
2018: 10,800 Children Raped in America by Illegal Aliens
Illegal Alien Crime And Violence By The Numbers: We’re All Victims
In response, patriotic Americans are not even allowed to use derogatory language against invaders, murderers, rapists and robbers?! Even this is deemed unacceptably aggressive and violent? Give me a break![/QUOTE.

PE, I think Kev was mainly asking members not to advocate murder or acts of violence.
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