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AZ counties have lockdown travel restrictions in place in case of emergencies. I was involved in Navajo County Government until ‘14, and knew of the emergency planning and its secrecy. The most key bit of information to those thinking they’re getting to their BOL here or there within the state is that unless you have state ID proving your residential address in a county you will not be able to pass, at least in AZ. I’d assume most counties in other states have similar travel restrictions in place as well; I’m not sure though. Crossing through another county will be acceptable but only if it’s en route to proof of residence on your photo ID.

This enforcement requires check points which require bodies/staffing. I’d imagine many people leaving their assigned posts should such measures be enacted. Who wants to risk their lives securing a check point?! Navajo county in the ‘80 estimated 1 million firearms with a population near 50k (kind of a population guess, but it’s a small county....with lots of fire power).

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