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@OP before I get to the "which brand to choose" part, I will elaborate different kind of automobile navigation system and their pros & cons.

Basically automobile nav system could be differ by their originating manufacturer which included in the vehicle sales package.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

This is the kind of navigation system that came integrated with the vehicle and they work by fusing data input from GPS signals, gyroscope, compass, speedometer, and pedometer.

  • By processing all those input the unit could reliably determine the vehicle location & course even when travelling inside a tunnel.
  • The placement and the size of the unit is already well thought of by the vehicle manufacture so it's onboard sensors (compass & gyroscope) will not be effected by any magnetic interference or vibration that come from the engine or from other aspect of vehicle operation.
  • Usually also integrated with the vehicle build in entertainment system (audio & video) by acting as media player.

  • The map is severely out of date, and unlikely to be updated
  • Due to the integration nature of the unit, it's unlikely the operating system or the accompanying software could be modified or modernized.

After market :

As the name implies. This include the use of consumer electronic devices such as tablet, and smartphone.

  • Depending on which brand the unit belong or the navigation app, the map is always updated by downloading them from the unit manufacturer website or from other source with compatible map format.
  • The operating system and the accompanying app could always be upgraded or modernized to suit consumer need.

  • They can't read / process input from vehicle pedometer & speedometer, which make the unit unable to determine location when travelling inside a tunnel or underpass.
  • Onboard sensors (compass & gyroscope) could potentially be effected by magnetic interference or vibration that come from the engine or from other aspect of vehicle operation.
  • Consumer need to setup the unit themselves (or hire someone to do so)

Now return to your question. I would highly recommend using Android based tablet that is charged from either from power bank or from the vehicle cigar lighter socket (make sure to use voltage regulator when charging / powering anything from cigar lighter socket).

By using Android based tablet not only the map could be easily updated, the Text-to-Speech synthesizer could also be change accordingly.

I personally use Samsung S4 (I-9500) with Sygic GPS Navigation app.