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Eight pages of reading and I still can't make a decision!

I guess I'm going to look at it like this. What gun do I automatically grab the few times we enjoyed uninvited guests late at night? Oddly enough, my old .44 Ruger Flattop. I've carried and shot it for thirty years or more, it's usually on my belt. Killed a truckload of deer and elk, a few bear, and oodles of small game, including grouse with it. Even carry to it town occasionally when I have to venture out to a big city.

Then there's my 4" .44 Colt Anaconda. Killed more deer with it than the Ruger, but not as many elk or bear. Prob'ly more grouse. Really a slick gun with all the thousands of rounds down the tube.

Or a full sized 1911. Don't own any plastic guns, just never could get into them. Not going to choose any of my S&Ws, the half-dozen or more I've owned never really stood up to heavy loads, nor volume. Still have a box of hands around here from changing them out every 3K rounds.

Although I've shot the Flattop so much it was rebuilt not long ago, I'm going with it. There might even be a backup or two around here for it, or twelve... Plus I can load them down or as heavy as I need.

But I'll never have to choose just one.