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Default Refilling propane tanks

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Last night I purchase a "Mr. Heater/Portable ToughBuddy Heater". These can be found at Lowes and Walmart, etc. They run on propane and after initial testing, this heater does put out a decent amount of heat. I bought one mainly for the purpose of backup emergency heat. I have a gas furnace, but having an electric blower sure wont help with the electric out. Also, seems like something goes wrong every year with the furnace. I have tought myself basic repairs of the unit... but.. it always seems to break on a weekend and no one is open for repair parts. So a backup is smart plan.

Anyways, I was looking on line and I found a "mac coupler" that allows you to refill the 1 lb propane bottles off your 20 lb tanks. Just curious if anyone here does that? Or should I just get the hose extension and run it from the 20 lb tank to start with? Guess I could do both! I like the idea of the 1 lb bottles because I can take the heater to where it needs to be in the house or out into the work shop where no heat exists.

Any thoughts?