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I once had to carry a 3 inch S&W model 36 in an outside coat pocket. It was freezing, wind blowing about 25 MPH. I was all bundled in civilian clothes. Would have taken a minute or more to draw from the issue holster.

I cut some cardboard to make an inner pocket the size of my strong side outer coat pocket that held the gun upright where I could draw it after yanking off my shooting hand glove. Sandwiched between two pieces of cardboard held together with duct tape made a nice holder that presented a smooth outside of the pocket and held the gun firmly enough for a good draw.

Practiced at home, never had to produce it on the job.

You should be able to cobble together something temporary like that to check the concept, then refine it with sturdier materials. I'd call that decent for carry and for concealment,
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