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Exclamation 6/17/2015 Religion Section Rules- READ THIS FIRST

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The religious section is now open only to believers.

Non-believers, atheist.... whatever...., are no longer allowed to post in this section. We are tired of the constant trolling and arguing. This section is for members who believe in a God/Goddess and want to discuss survival issues pertaining to their beliefs.

If you do not believe in a God/Goddess STAY OUT.

If you do believe in a God/Godess you are welcome to discuss your beliefs and related survival issues however, we do expect you to respect the beliefs of others in this section.

Note: We welcome all members of all faiths to start their own Social Group in the Groups section of the forum.
We also welcome non-believers to start their own groups.
The point of this new rule is to keep the trolling of this section down

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