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Originally Posted by The Old Coach View Post
Say there, Colt: Got any maps of the situation?

And the last real war Turkey fought was the Turkish War of Independence. They won due to weak and war-weary major Allied nations post-WW1 not being willing to fight directly and insisting on using proxies. They fell short of regaining the rest of the empire though. After WW1 they lost a lot of territory to the Greeks (Greek populated areas of Western Anatolia), Italians (SW Anatolia mostly populated by an Armenian enclave), Armenians (Armenian populated NE Anatolia), French (Syrian populated southern Anatolia), and British (occupied the straits just like Gibralter and Kurdish SE Anatolia). That left the Turks with North and Central Anatolia that was populated by Turks.

The Turks invaded and occupied to their current borders, and then purged and genocided the Greeks, Armenians, and Assyrians living in Anatolia. They tried to do the same to the Kurds but were unsuccessful. The Kurdish part of it has continued from then right until today.
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