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Originally Posted by Tactical Lever View Post
Absolutely! Played around with TKD when I was a kid, and Shaolin style Kung-Fu. I believe the Kopperud style (if I am spelling it right) that it all seems to have went to, is too biased toward point fighting. The Kung-Fu was more practical. But then getting into boxing was a whole different deal altogether. The accelerated learning curve of practicing to get hit, avoid, cover and deliver powerful shots far outstripped other martial arts. After I started with a good boxing gym, I was sparring within a couple weeks. Practicing against a live partner, shows you what works, what doesn't, and what you need to work on pretty fast.

Used to hang around a bit with a few pros also, who had some success. I was sparring with one of them at another gym, and the guy told me that I should spar with a black belt that was working out there. He said: "You'd kick his ***!" which was pretty funny to me. I hadn't been doing it too long, but we kind of recognized that a lot of belts just get handed out, without a practical test of fighting skill.

Whatever style it is, you're going to want to pick a gym or dojo that won't be soft. One of my boxing coaches reminded me of "Mickey" from Rocky. Just a tough old guy, who would could fashion steel hammers from marshmallows. He'd push, instruct, berate, and make you tougher after every time. And we'd spar pretty hard. Going into a fight, you'd kind of realize that it was just like sparring, just mildly harder. One of the meaner things, was having us spar, then rotating out a fresh guy on you. It was pretty awesome.
Good post.

The guy that showed me the fundamentals was a bit of a hot head, army guy. Would always challenge guys from other disciplines to a fight. Never got to see one or anyone accept the challenge.

When I starting going to a legit gym I also became one of the disciples of a trainer with pro experience and a rep for being a wealth of knowledge. Thrown to the deep end off the bat, it's a sink or swim environment but I tend to thrive in those or at least survive them. Would be called on to spar bigger guys all the time, my fighting weights are 147-155 and I'd spar MWs to HWs often. You hang around a proper boxing gym and make a few friends and spar a few people with actual fight experience and you will learn a few things and you will also learn something about yourself.

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