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Alrighty, so its 21 outside right now. I stepped into the GH and checked the lettuce. I peeled back the sheets and the leaves are flexible. Firm, but flexible. The nutrient solution in the rails and reservoir were both hovering at 45-46 degrees.

The heater in the reservoir is doing its job. I wouldnt mind if the water was warmer, but its better then being frozen.

Been looking at the extended forecast, and trying to make some decisions. Im thinking on the nights with lows in the 40s im going to try to shut off the heat on the maters. I think the best way to achieve this is to set the maters on the ground, under the benches, loosely covered with plastic. The peppers can stay up on the benches close to the duct work.

Looks like Fri. night a low of 45. Then 2 nights down in the 30s. Then Monday a low of 48. You get the idea. I want to get the plants use to the 40s, so hopefully they can transistion to GH#1, where there is no heat.

Looks like by the 27th we should start having lows in the upper 40's more consistently.
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