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Forgot to update in my previous post..

So some damage to the lettuce. A few heads are pretty rough looking. Im just going to leave them be and see what becomes of them.

I decided that instead of trying to heat the bottom with the small propane heater, I would just use an electric reservoir heater. I picked up a 200 watt aquarium heater. Has a built in thermostat, I set it to 72 degrees.

I put it in right at 1:30, the water was 59. Ran some errands and checked the water at about 3:15, was almost to temp. And those temps were consistent in the reservoir and in the rails. This im impressed with. The water flow thru the rails isnt the fastest by any means, yet its heating up.

I think this is going to work out. Tonight Ill also throw some old sheets on top of the lettuce to conserve the heat as much as possible.

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