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The garlic, rhubarb and horseradish think it's Spring.

In a moment of weakness, I bought the horseradish last year in the nursery. Also, the top end of a root I bought and used from the grocery store had a sprout that was planted.

Our neighbor saw 250 gal plastic tanks being offered at the side of the road for free, so we collected 7 of them, two 55 gal barrels and a large wipe on/off marker board. The 250 gal totes had held carpet cleaner and the drums held urea for diesel truck exhaust treatment.

Neighbor used our tiller on his mother's tractor to work on the original 'upper' garden:

Started on the northern end of the upper garden until reaching the wetter middle be continued...

Orchard planted last year is all pruned and ready to grow:

This crayfish was above ground and got caught by my wife.

Let him loose... but got us thinking about how to encourage and support them, before harvesting and eating.

Anybody raising crayfish in their backyards?
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