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Originally Posted by BuellerBueller View Post
I can tell you what grief is not, and it is nothing like what the Sandy Hook parents displayed.
I'm not a grief expert. However, in a former job I spent a lot of time around folks in grief. Different people deal with grief differently and the same people behave differently at different times.

I shot an interview with a man less than a week after he lost his wife, daughter and grandchild in a big traffic accident. I spent about an hour with him. He cried plenty, but he also laughed a little. Often he just sat quietly. That's how people behave.

Just as I started rolling tape, there was a flatulence incident. Everybody had a good laugh, including the fellow who was experiencing the worst week of his life. That's what people do.

I had video of the man laughing heartily, then asking for a second to pull himself together. I suppose I could have aired that video as "proof" that the car wreck never happened. That would have been wrong, and cruel. Folks today don't care so much about being wrong and cruel.

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