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Originally Posted by BadgeBunny View Post
I just want you to know that you and your family are in my prayers. I'm kinda far away but if there is anything I could do that might help you guys out, just PM. If it's in my power it will happen.
Thanks, we really are ok. Prayers are always welcome too. Everyone is healthy and we do have family to help if needed. They would never let us go hungry or homeless.
Call this an exercise of self reliance. So many prep without knowing how to cook with it, how to balance a meal and thrive. We did this partly out of need but, also felt a need to put our preps to the test. One reason we prep is so we are not a burden on others. We don't get help from the .gov's and rely on family only when needed.
I figured a lot of people could learn something from this. In a couple of months we will be living the "high life" again, in the modern world while still prepping.
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