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(Q 1 of 3) What "Brand" is Best?

I am based in Australia.

In the event of a macro economic collapse; (global rampant inflation; central govt attempts at wage and price control; large black market sector operating) - I would see myself bunkering down in a BOL; within Australia... (eg: I'm not planning on being elsewhere in the world in the above scenario...

So regarding gold and silver, if purchasing for last-stance hedging ability against Fiat currency; I would appreciate advice from anyone who has had experience with gold and silver from the PERTH MINT; (or other 'local' recommendations)...

I have read on here that American Eagles are the best - but does anyone know how recognizable these may be in Australia; vs Perth Mint coins/bullion or "Kangaroo gold coinage etc"?

I would be looking at using the gold for larger scale (barter) purchases and "negotiations" - and the silver for more everyday stuff...