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Originally Posted by Steve_In_29 View Post
Sorry but 1 million guns divided by 50K people equals 20 guns for every man, woman and child, so while there probably is a lot of guns I doubt your figure was accurate.

Navajo is also not a small county (at least size wise) as it is the 11th largest in America. Apache county is 6th.
I grew up in the largest towns of Navajo County with a population of 12,000 people. It wasnít my figure either.

I know one person in Snowflake, population of 3500-4000, with 1200 firearms, and 4 million rounds. I didnít count the rounds, but Iíve seen the guns and ammo with my own eyes. People in Navajo County are armed; itís tradition.

My figure is a guess. I know what Iíve seen. Itís not uncommon for a household to have 40+ firearms just as a weekend hobby collection.

Navajo County is the second poorest county in the state, followed by Apache. In terms of population, they are tiny.

20 guns per man, woman, and child isnít good enough? Where else has those numbers? I live in Tucson now, population 1 million, and I would be shocked if there was one firearm per man, woman, and child here. I know more anti-gun people here than I know who own a gun. In Navajo County itís common to be in line in a bank with more than one person open carrying. No one bats an eye. No one. Do that in Tucson and see what happens.

Nothing I mentioned was for argumentís sake. Itís just an observation.
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