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I've been keeping a list of those sort of things since this started. I figure, at least this should be a learning experience.

Here's some of the things I plan on getting after things return to something like normal.

-Some extra sanitation/cleaning supplies to lay back. Yes a box of masks and a few boxes of gloves (like most people I imagine), but not a lot. We had enough for us, but we did not have enough to give away to everyone we would have liked. Next time, if there is a next time, I want to be able to distribute them to everyone in my circle of family/friends.

-Powdered milk and eggs (if I don't get chickens). It's simply the most compact way to prep those things. We bought a bunch of evaporated milk when this all started, but because there is still water in it, it only really compacts the space by half and makes it shelf stable. With powdered milk you compact the space by 90%, and if you run the numbers, it's about the same price as evaporated milk, maybe even a little cheaper.

-Chickens. We've got room for them. 3 or 4 hens per person in our house would keep us in eggs pretty well from what I hear.

-More focus on water collection, power generation, cooking, and communication. One thought has been consistently going through my head throughout this: how much worse this would be if we lost utilities. We still have essentially unlimited water, unlimited cooking/heating ability, we had internet and phone service throughout. I need to get my rain collection setup operating, even if all it was used for was watering plants and animals. I have enough of a solar setup to run a sump pump and charge handheld radios/tablets, and some batteries for handheld flashlights. But not much else. Adding a few hundred more AH of capacity and a few more panels would expand the possibilities.
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