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Originally Posted by cat_1978 View Post
Other then Men or Devils what other creature can they be?
Cat, I thought you'd appreciate me using an Orthodox video in the OP. Are you familiar with the music? Can you tell me more about it? It has a profound, haunting (or other worldly and holy) quality about it.

Until recently, I've always approached this subject from the other perspective; mathematically, what are the odds that we are the only life in the universe. However, Sylvia Browne's book on heaven parallels the multiverse theory or as Jesus put it, many rooms. Sylvia says there are many heavens ruled by many Messiah's, son's of God of their universe. Moreover, she says there are many that are far more advanced than us humans. Her work got me thinking that if it were so, there would be no 'aliens' in a given universe; that each type of sentient being, formed through the Sons of God's Creative desire would have its self-contained universe to thrive in.

So, I flipped the mathematical question on its head; what are the odds that these UFO's and stories of alien abductions NEVER result in physical evidence? A red flag is that we never see them land, come or go. It reminds me of the story of Jesus in the desert. The devil took Jesus to the top of a mountain (or building). That is power. It does not say how they traveled. Implied is instantaneous coming and going, just like the UFO's.

It's a little silly to suppose aliens would travel here from 100's of light years away, be here for decades, showing themselves in many shapes and sizes and places but NOT say hello for a proper introduction during the daylight in a big city with many witnesses. They approach us as predators to prey, picking us off one at a time, in the dark when we are most vulnerable. Despite my natural curiosity and willingness to meet an ET, upon reflection, a prudent mind must conclude they are not friendly.

But the biggest red flag is the many alien abduction stories sound like demonic torture. Another poster testified about how she felt upon seeing the UFO's. Years ago I repeatedly saw these orbs, bright but small balls of light. Initially, I thought they were spirits of dead loved ones. Their repeated presence in different places but always at night began to feel ominous. This uneasy feeling, the feeling of being in the presence of malevolence is consistent in every single alien abduction story. Terror. Abject terror. Now that I think about it, how can anyone not see the connection?

Some say UFO's and alien abductions are different. Different but related, as the bow is to the arrow. Other than Men or Devils what other creature can they be, indeed?!

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