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Default Ode to Old Testament

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With the new covenant, there is a lot of down-playing in these forums of the Old Testament. In a thread started this week on prepping and the call of God, some posters summarily dismissed out of hand, 4/5 of the Bible, what the OT had to say on the subject. The post below got me thinking about how the OT remains relevant to life today.

Originally Posted by PeterEnergy View Post
Implied premise: there is such a time to worry. Please quote that verse in Scripture.

In my daily devotional reading yesterday in Deuteronomy, there was an NLT study note for 1:19-21
"Don't be afraid! Don't be discouraged!" The expression 'Don't worry' and its variations is the most common command in Scripture.
Let me add, we should ACT prudently AT ALL TIMES. But we should never worry.

We are not getting out of life alive. We are meat covered souls traveling @ 55,000 mph through the lifeless vacuum of space on this small rock. What are you worried about?

The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and pay the penalty.
Proverbs 27:12
Let me make an analogy to movie sequels, particularly Star Wars. The NT often reads like The Revenge of the Sith. That is, the fast-paced climatic drama the creator intended. The OT reads like A New Hope. It's relatively slow paced, characters are introduced and the back story is laid out.

I like history and am a student of history. There is much history in the OT. Putting aside theology, there are many battles, movers and shakers, empires, kings and the birth, rise, decline and end of their kingdoms. It is also a great story about a people, a language, culture and customs. Wearing sack cloth, pouring dust on ones head, tearing ones clothes and hiring professional weepers are just a few things that come to mind about the culture detailed in the OT.

The people document 1,000's of years of their many embarrassing failures. There is a humility in that which is incomparable to any other historical text. I believe in the wisdom of Proverbs 18:12, humility before honor. The old testament is a collection, therefore, of the most honorable people in history.

While others build a monument to their greatness, in time they return to dust. The people of the book in their sacred text build a monument to their humiliations. This informs us of their eternal future hinted at in Proverbs 27:2 Don't brag about yourself--let others praise you.

So, today, when confronted with the temptation to worry in the thread above, freshest on my mind was not the Sermon on the Mount or the words of Jesus. Instead were these study notes to start the 5th book of Moses and the timeless wisdom of proverbs. So, I write this ode to the Old Testament.
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