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I am intrigued by this thread. Since I have studied the Bible, as well as anecdotal writings over a goodly number of years, I thought I would chime in. First in 2 places in the Bible, OT and NT, there is a passage that states the God in one. The first is in Deut. the second spoken by God's own son (Jesus) in the NT. Secondly, in I Corinthians 15, when evil is finally and totally defeated, Jesus hands the kingdom over to His Father.
For some reason, believers are forced to bow down to the Nicean Creed, developed and adopted by the "Church" as the new revelation of God. What it is as the work of Greek Philosophers in order to provide for themselves a comfortable living (see the RCC today with the Bishops, Cardinals and a Pope). Because of the relationship with Constantine, the church became the only "Christian Church" available for over a millennial (1000 years). Once the blinders of traditional Christianity are removed, the actual relationship between God the Father, His only Begotten Son, and the Children of God (Believers) become evident.
The Philosophers of Greece had a substantial reason (wealth and influence) to make the simple Gospel into something of a great mystery, and held the Believers captive for also 2000 years. Take the word Word (John 1:1). The Greek word is Logos. Logos can be translated a number of ways. One of the primary translations is plan or idea. In fact, Logos is translated "Word" (capital W) signifying Christ only twice in the NT, John 1:1 and John 1:14. It is poor translating (hermaneutics) to translate something only twice in the NT as a proper title such as Word, being as closely associated as these two places are.
My advice, read the Bible and stop believing what others are saying and let God help you understand the simple Gospel. Thanks for readinig.
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