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Originally Posted by ForumSurvivalist View Post
Hospitals reusing masks. Disinfecting with UV light!


No one thinks reuse of face masks is ideal, and the practice may raise legal liability issues. But there seemed to be little choice.

Doctors and administrators at the University of Nebraska Medical Center calculated that if they continued to use masks only once, they would run out of masks in just weeks.

“We are making the best of bad choices,” said Dr. Mark Rupp, the medical center’s chief of infectious diseases.

He feels confident that the masks will still protect health care workers. “The data is very clear that you can kill and inactivate viruses with UV germicidal irradiation,” he said. “It is also very clear that you will not damage the respirators.”

The alternative, Dr. Lowe said, would be to ask health care workers to carefully store their masks and reuse them without cleaning them. Handling a mask repeatedly also increases the chances that it will be contaminated.
Fact not in evidence.

UV destroys polypropylene over repeated exposure.